Join Us!

Special Events: Throughout the year, you’ll find many exciting events happening at On Your Toes!  From a slightly-spooky Halloween party to Vacation Programs in February and April, each month brings new fun activities and nights out. All of our special events are open to the public, so all of your children’s friends are welcome to join us too! 

Workshops & Programs: On Your Toes is proud to offer workshops throughout the season!  Workshops are a great supplement to dancers’ weekly education in class, by learning additional choreography, trying different styles, and enhancing their movement vocabulary.

Keep a lookout for our upcoming events! Check your email and the website for announcements and follow us on social media for the most up to date information.


Instagram: @oytdanceandtheatreco

Birthday Parties: On Your Toes also holds birthday parties!  Parties are held on the weekends-Saturday afternoons and Sundays.  Parties are 1.5 hours- we provide the party goods, dance & fun- you provide the food/drinks and goodie bags.  Parties are $195.00

Email to book!