OYT Dance Companies

Our dance companies are designed for dancers interested in pursuing dance at our highest level and who are ready to commit to several hours of dance training each week.  Company members must have a strong commitment to dance and to their fellow classmates as group choreography depends on active participation of all members.  

The OYT Dance Company is a comprised of teams that compete at multiple levels. Dancers compete 3-6 times a year and are held to the highest standard in studio and out. In addition to their regular conservatory classes, company dancers take choreography and technique classes that round out a core training program. Auditions for the company are held each spring, with casting coordinated by Company Director Miss Tara Babajtis.  

The Senior Ballet Company is directed by Miss Rebecca Shelton, and is designed to train the most advanced ballet dancers who have demonstrated commitment and competence in ballet. In addition to regular conservatory classes, Senior Ballet Company dancers train individually and in group choreography rehearsals throughout the year. Throughout the program, there is an emphasis on classical ballet technique. The company performs in the fall benefit concert, WinterFest, and the Spring Recital. Participation in the Senior Ballet Company is by invitation.

Performance Company allows dancers who wish to further their training without competing to work with choreographers on group dances to be performed at OYT shows. The Performance Company is directed by Miss Kyriana Smith.

For more information about our dance companies, please contact Miss Tricia.