On Your Toes Dance Company


Dance Company is designed for the more serious dancer possessing qualities of hard work, dedication, passion, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, discipline, and stage personality. Dance Company Members have a strong commitment to dance as well as their fellow classmates. Attendance for Company classes will be crucial; dancers must be present to learn all choreography as well as 
technique and core training.
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Dance Company Levels:
Pre-Comp – Must dance at least 4 hours per week; including ballet, technique, jazz/lyrical and their designated company routine(s). Pre-Comp dancers will compete in 1-2 Dance Competitions in the beginner competition level. Not all dancers may be eligible for Pre-Competitive Company.


Competitive – Must dance at least 5 hours per week; including ballet, jazz, lyrical, technique and their designated company routine(s). Competitive dancers will compete in 2-3 Dance Competitions in the competitive or intermediate competition level. Not all dancers may be eligible for Competitive Company.

Advanced Competitive – Must dance at least 7+ hours per week; including 2 ballet classes, jazz, lyrical, technique and their designated company routine(s). Advanced Competitive dancers will compete in 3-4 Dance Competitions in the intermediate/advanced competitive level. Not all dancers may be eligible for Advanced Competitive Company.

Dance Company Schedule/Classes:
All dancers must provide availability from Monday-Friday on their audition sheet, including the earliest and the latest time available for class start through end. You may indicate a preference, but it is not a guaranteed spot. Please understand that all regular scheduled classes have first priority and Dance Company comes second. After the studio class schedule is set, any available time is divided for all Dance Company routines. We try our best at On Your Toes to make the best schedule for everyone. Unfortunately, with the growing interest of our Dance Company, space is limited and most of our solos/duos/trios are scheduled either immediately after school or late nights. In most cases, students with more availability will be given more opportunities with the Dance Company.

Dance Company classes run Monday-Friday from September until our National Dance Competition in July.  It is crucial for each dancer to be present for all practices to learn choreography and corrections. Any dancer may be suspended or expelled from the company at any point for excessive absences or poor behavior.  Dancers may be replaced by an alternate dancer at any given time in certain circumstances (injury, absence, poor behavior, etc). If a dancer is suspended or expelled, there is absolutely NO REFUND for any classes, competitions, jackets, etc. (NO EXCEPTIONS) All On Your Toes Dance Company members are expected to be on their best behavior and become positive role models for the entire dance studio. Any negative, derogatory, or unfitting quote, picture, etc. posted on the internet or around the studio will NOT be tolerated.
Dance Company Auditions will be broken down into a First Cut and Second Cut audition process. All dancers auditioning for Dance Company must fill out and hand in an Audition Sheet as well as a $30 Audition Fee before First Cut Auditions begin. Audition sheets must be handed in at least one week prior to first cut auditions.

A dancer’s Audition Sheet will indicate all choices for casting as well as parental consent of all final decisions of casting, scheduling, and commitment to the Dance Company, if cast for any company routines. The $30 Audition Fee is non-refundable and will cover First and Second Cut Auditions regardless. If a dancer is chosen for Second Cut Auditions.Auditions will be held in May, after our annual Spring Recital.

Casting will be based on which dancers work best with each other. This does not necessarily mean that “friends” are always cast together. There are many times where a dancer will be cast with a completely new dancer and a new relationship will form. It is important for all dancers to understand working with new people. Routines may be cast in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Character, Musical Theater, Acro/Gym, and Open. All casting decisions are made solely by our Dance Company Director, Shayna Chapman. There is absolutely no dropping or adding company routines after casting has been selected. Once a dancer’s audition sheet has been signed by a parent, it is a contract for the duration of the year for Dance Company. All schedules, routines, music, style, dancer selection, etc. are final. A dancer will never be scheduled for a time that was not indicated on their audition sheet, so there should be no conflicts. Dance Company is an optional program that is intended to teach students how the dance industry truly works and what it is like to be a professional dancer. Students are held at a higher standard at all times and may be asked to leave the program if they do not demonstrate the proper “dance etiquette” of the Dance Company at all times.

Dance Company